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Live In Color Compilation

Compilation of all Live In Color Performances

Live in Color
Season Season 1
Episode eliminated "Movie Character Challenge"
Region South
City Miami
State Florida
Place 6th
Members Bianca 'Got It' Brewton
Bruce 'Maniac' Williams
Calvit 'Dark Vayda' Hodge
Cass 'T.ranchula' Smith
Terry 'Transformer' Shakelford
Trillanie 'The Pheonix' Brown
Tony 'Daynjah' Zane

Live In Color is a crew from Miami Florida, comprised of seven members: Five males and two females. As mentioned in the package in season 1, they are influenced by the thrift store for their colorful clothes and antics on the dance floor. Some dance styles seen on stage was Urban Funk, booty popping, and reggae. Other influences may have come from Dancehall, contemporary, and stepping. Some members are known for flips, flexibility, and for pirouettes.

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