Britney Spears Challenge (Season 7)
Season 07, Episode 01
Air date April 11, 2012
Crew Eliminated none (Mix'd Elements in the bottom two)
Episode Guide
The Finale (Season 6)
Flo Rida Challenge
 One year has passed since I.aM.mE. had gotten their hands on the trophy. Now a new slot is waiting for another championship crew. Which can only mean one thing... ABDC has returned for season 7! 

8 Flavahz

Mix'd Elements "Till the world ends"
Stepboys "If you seek Amy"
Irratik "Hold it against me"
Fanny Pak "Womenizer"

Safe: 8 Flavahz, Stepboys,Irratik, and Fanny Pak

Bottom: Mix'd Elements

Opening routine: "I Wanna Go"

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