"S to the Chest" is an original performance made by Super Cr3w. It was introduced in the Championship Showdown in Season 2 when the crews were asked to create an original dance craze. This was one of the only orignial mixes by District 78 that had original music lyrics and singers.

Performance by Super Cr3wEdit



Men: (Super Cr3w, Super Cr3w, Super Cr3w, Super Cr3w!)

Man: If you're feeling kinda fresh,

Men: (Throw the S to the chest!)

Man: If you're feeling kinda fly,

Men: (Throw the S to the sky!)2x

Verse 1

Man: Mic check. 1,2. Look up in the blue. It's a bird. It's a plane. I'm kidding.

Men: (It's Super Cr3w!)

Man: Keep the lower competition every time we-

Men: (Come through!)


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